Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mixing Things Up

Hey! Its been a while! Here are some things to try and make up for lost posts.. :)

Some 10 min life sketches.

Illustrated from photos found on the sartorialist website .. Gotta love that website! 

Ive been taking an online digital painting course with Erik Martin..
Anyone interested should defiantly check it out, I totally recommend it! 

Our assignment was to create 45 film studies... above is one of my pages 

Simple graphic character and environment.. 

And finally the Musaharati... Happy Ramadan Everyone!




  1. well ...i'm not Judge But i'm telling my own opinion .
    The sketches r good .....but ... u did better before ,
    This cadres from the movies are Awesome ...plz tell me more about Erik Martin ....
    The female rat,...i don't know why i can not like it ....
    The Environment. .i like it ..really ..but i think it's simplified too much ? ....
    & finally . el Musaharati , that's one of the best pieces I've ever seen about Musaharati
    ah wallahi :D...
    & lets remember... it's just my opinion

  2. Hey Amr! Thanks for your honest opinion! i really appreciate it! and your absolutely right! i should have pushed the designs some more, the mouse could've had a more interesting pose and the landscape could have been pushed further.. those are also the comments i got from my instructor at CGMA.
    Erik martin is our instructor at and this is his blog